Temperature Controlled Logistic Solutions


Our reliable solution for temperature-controlled transport of chilled and frozen goods.


Our flexible offer for companies providing delivery services to businesses or private customers.


Our bespoke temperature-controlled storage areas for chilled and frozen food products.


Our refrigerated vehicle hire service for temperature-controlled transport of perishable goods.

Refrigerated transport specialist services

About Us

Specialist Supply Chain & Logistics

Standards and regulations regarding transportation of food products establish very stringent requirements that leave no room for error. As refrigerated transport experts, we are familiar with the many challenges in managing the logistics for transport operations of perishable goods.

Balto is a service provider for companies. We provide a comprehensive logistics infrastructure, specifically designed to ensure effective management of the cold chain at all times during transportation. We have the skills, expertise, and experience to offer high-level temperature-controlled solutions for transport, delivery, storage, and rent operations.

Quality Standards

Since perishable goods are temperature-sensitive and must reach consumers on time and in perfect condition, strict accuracy and precision are required. We coordinate our efforts and actions towards ensuring food safety for every transported consignment.


Refrigerated transport is a highly regulated industry: we offer solutions for companies determined to secure their transport movements in strict compliance with the applicable health and safety rules and quality standards.

Maximum Efficiency

The main focus of our strategy is to ensure optimal conditions for temperature-controlled transport of chilled (above freezing point, from + 2.0°C to + 8.0°C) and frozen products (down to – 18.0°C). We operate full-range, reliable, and highly efficient services for our transport, storage, rent, and delivery solutions.


Balto offers a range of services designed to achieve optimal end-to-end logistics and supply chain management:

Why Choose Us

We guarantee to always deliver to a high standard


To meet the requirements of your specifications, Balto caters for efficient, modern, and reliable vehicles, all fitted with satellite tracking monitoring systems securing full traceability of your cargo. Rigorously trained in the specifics of refrigerated transport, our skilled technicians and drivers are responsible for carrying out the relevant checks on the equipment in order to ensure the safety of our transport operations.


Our added value also lies in the fact that we focus our efforts to achieve end-to-end seamless management of the supply chain, from the initial collection of perishable goods, to storage, right through to the final point of distribution.
By choosing Balto, our customers are guaranteed reliable cross-functional services from a single point of contact. We can coordinate the logistics of your cargo movements under optimal conditions. Our flexibility makes all the difference.l the difference.


At Balto, we are committed to supporting your refrigerated transport operations by always providing the most effective solutions. Ensuring food safety of your temperature-sensitive cargo is our number one priority, which is why you can rely on us to fully utilize our resources, network, and skills towards meeting your requirements. Entrusting your logistics to Balto means choosing quality. And quality is always the right choice.

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